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At Your Practice Online, our only partners are our clients.

It is our philosophy to work together to provide the best quality patient experience. To us, a website is much more than just a statement of who you are, where you are, and what you do. We believe that a website is a way to reach out to patients. Websites help build a patient's confidence in their medical care through education and extend the relationship patients have with their doctor beyond the short, albeit valuable, time they meet in person. We also believe that utilizing the internet is a good way to connect doctors with new patients who need care, which is evident by the fact that our clients get numerous referrals through their websites.


Authorize net

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider to accept credit card payments through the Website.

Patient Survey

Helps create custom online surveys, or just choose from standard medical online survey templates, and sample survey questions.


MedRespond's online patient engagement tools simulate conversation to provide instant responses to patient needs, interests and priorities. Turn videos from monologue to dialogue with Medrespond.


As a google certified partner, Your Practice Online manages Pay per Click campaigns to help drive targeted traffic to your practice through SEO techniques that improve your quality scores.

ContextMedia is the largest and most innovative company at the point of care

Patient education where and when it matters the most. Contextmedia delivers hyper-targeted information to patients at the point of care, during the most actionable moments of their treatment.