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Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Attract new Patients with our Effective and Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization

    Our proprietary process increases the amount of traffic to your site from the major search engines, and is part of our core service. We register your website with thousands of search engines to make your registration results more valuable and increase your placement position.

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  • Social Media Management

    Engage Your Community with Social Media

    Did you know that almost 70% of all US adults are on Facebook? And almost 75% of them use it everyday!Get a conversation started about your practice by sharing patient stories, and portraying a positive message in your social community.

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  • Digital Advertising Programs

    Reach New Patients with Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising, or Pay Per Click Advertising, can be more effective and less expensive than newspaper ads, billboards and TV commercials. Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns give you the ability to target the right services, in the right community, to the right audience.

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  • Reputation Management

    Your patients are everywhere. Your practice should be too.

    Premium Plus Healthcare subscription will promote your URL and brand with Yext API integration to major search engines and online directories.

    Solve the challenges in managing the facts about your healthcare facility or provider information to attract new patients in the moments that matter most. Upgrade your practice’s search engine optimization and online reputation to get discovered everywhere in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace.

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  • App Development

    The Power of Mobility: Mobile App Development

    Empowering patients with the right tools allows them to play a more proactive role in their healthcare. Your Practice Online can build a mobile app specific to your healthcare business needs. We design and build effective, robust online solutions for the healthcare industry.

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  • Branding & Marketing Materials

    Branding is critical to any business. When branding, consistency is key

    Branding is critical to any business. When branding, consistency is key - a consistent look and feel will soon become recognizable to your patients. Your Practice Online can help with your offline.

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  • Survey Services

    Your Practice Online offers Survey services to all our clients

    Your Practice Online offers Survey services to all our clients at no extra cost and will seamlessly integrate surveys into your website. Create your own questionnaires and metrics including graphs to help drive strategic goals and continuous improvement within your organization.

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