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Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

If the term “Responsive Web Design (RWD)” is new to you, then read further to understand the need for building a mobile friendly website.

With the growth of Internet usage on mobile devices predicted to overtake desktop internet usage soon, it has become imperative that your website be mobile friendly. The design needs to be adaptive, intuitive and at the same time easy to navigate on any device available in the market today. It is also important that it be designed for touch and not just mouse clicks.

Your Practice Online had been building websites and online applications that follow the latest Responsive Web Designs (RWD) guidelines and technologies. All our latest projects are developed on the responsive format without you asking for it.


  • No need to have a separate mobile version of your website, making content updates seamless at only one place
  • Easy adaption to different screen sizes of devices using the Fluid concept
  • Future-proof your website against becoming obsolete thereby protecting your investment
  • Search Engine giants such as Google state that responsive web design is recommended for mobile configuration and ranks these sites higher than non-RWD sites.
  • Users can seamlessly navigate on whatever device they are using, be it a PC, tablet or phone

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