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    Your Testimonial: I have been a very happy and satisfied client of Your Practice Online since 2010. My website has been instrumental in growing my practice and has generated dozens if not hundreds of referrals. Almost 3/4 of my patients tell me they have visited my website prior to their office visit with me and that it has a profound positive impact upon them. Patients come from 2 hours away to see me and my website was the reason. Even today, the Chief of Staff of my hospital commented at a meeting to all present that my website was "incredibly impressive!”

    The team at Your Practice Online is professional, courteous, knowledgeable and tailor their efforts to have your business succeed. They are available 24 hours a day, make changes that I request within hours and do all of this with grace, kindness and respect. The single best decision I made in the last 10 years for my practice and my business is using Your Practice Online for my website design and construction and maintenance.

    I HIGHLY recommend Your Practice Online and give them an 11/10!

    Dr. S KMission Viejo, Californiahttps://www.samerkanaanmd.com/dr-samer-a-kanaan.html