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Influence your Patients with Visual Content

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Influence your Patients with Visual Content
Influence your Patients with Visual Content

Influence your Patients with Visual Content

Did you know that visual content can influence your patients online and help bring them to your practice? It’s true. In fact, posts with images get 180% more engagement!

Online marketing strategies today can be customized with quality visual content to meet real patient needs. The addition of visual content to your online strategy will improve patient engagement and enhance the patient experience.

A Fantastic First Impression

Research shows that 93% of communication is visual. Colored visuals increase a person's desire to read by 80%! Visuals attract attention and can also affect your patient's attitude toward your practice. A responsive web design with attractive visual content is essential to keep patients interested in your practice. Websites that are hard to read on mobile devices without appealing images will have higher bounce rates due to a frustrating patient experience.

Enhance Patient Education

Marketing can’t be about advertising only; it must be informational, educational and relevant. In fact, 84% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Your procedural content should be easy to understand and inspire confidence in you. Conversational content using terms that your patients understand backed with appropriate, colorful images and videos will help you reach this goal.

Rank Higher in Online Searches

Regardless of the number of times Google changes its algorithm, visual content will improve your website’s rankings in patient searches. Google bots do not ‘read’ the visual content, but rather search for images by matching shapes and link them together. Proper integration of images and videos into your website and social media will help improve page rankings while enhancing the patient experience.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text Your Practice Online offers digital marketing solutions to help educate and engage your patients with visual content. We build practice websites that are compliant with the latest Google guidelines to increase your search engine optimization.

We help doctors grow their practices, so they can treat more patients. Contact us at info@yourpracticeonline.net or by calling (877) 388-8569 to learn more.

Dr. Prem Lobo
Founder and Director of Your Practice Online
Dr. Prem Lobo
Dr. Prem Lobo, founder and Director of Your Practice Online, is an internet entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing for healthcare. Dr. Lobo holds a Diploma in Information Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, and a Post-Graduate degree in Geriatric Medicine from University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. Prem resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and children, while enjoying international business travel and development alongside his family. Prem has been an advocate for physicians’ internet presence and patient education for over 19 years.


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