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Healthcare Marketing: The ROI of Google Ads

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Healthcare Marketing: The ROI of Google Ads
Healthcare Marketing: The ROI of Google Ads

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Did you know that there are 28 billion healthcare searches in the US each year on Google? 1 A significant portion of those searches are captured by a Google Ad link at top of search page. Google healthcare ads for medical practices can target the right audience at the right time and the right place.

What are Google ads for healthcare?

Google Ads are the paid tool to reach patients using narrow targeting options. Most users search Google for healthcare-related information and to book doctor appointments online. Some of the special features responsible for the popularity of Google Ads are: 

  • Google Ads have a location-based targeting option that will show only to the target location users so you can avoid spending money on displaying Google Ads to individuals outside your target area. 
  • You create call-based Google Ads to attract patients that allow you to answer the patient's inquiries at the same time. 
  • Google Ads have the option to track the calls from paid ads and the calls will be recorded using the call forwarding method in Google Ads.

Providers can increase the number of patients using Google Ads.

Google Ads are one of the best options for increasing patient flow and you can calculate the ROI from the Google Ads. Example: If a doctor is spending $1000 monthly on a Google Ads campaign, they can track the number of inquiries created from the Google Ads for that particular month. Also, if the doctor wants to show the ad always at the top of the Google search results, then the target share bid strategy ensures this for the majority of the searches.

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How do you pay for Healthcare Google Ads?

There is no need to pay each time the ad is displayed on a search result. It’s only if the patient clicks on the ad that you will be charged. So the Healthcare Google Ads are great for brand awareness campaigns for hospitals and doctors.

You can decide the budget under Google Ads and if you need to target more specialty-related keywords then you can create separate campaigns for each service to increase the ad relevance to reduce the cost per click value.

What is Location Targeting in Healthcare Google Ads?

The location-based targeting allows you to display the ad within a specific radius, say up to only 10 miles from the practice location. So you can really narrow down your targeting options with Google ads and your ads will be displayed if the user within this radius searches for “Orthopedic Surgeon Near me”. Also, you can enable the ads under Google Maps allowing you to attract patients from the Google maps platform as well.

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What you can expect from Google Ads and how can you measure the Healthcare Google Ads ROI?

From Google ads, you can expect call-based patient inquiries and form-based patient inquiries. You can choose to display call-only ads during the practice office hours, so the staff can answer the patient inquiries and during non office hours you can show the form-based responsive text Google ads. Also, you can create an event-based ads campaign for a particular specialty to attract patients from target locations using placements options.

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Written by Dhanasekaran
Digital Marketing Manager at Your Practice Online
Blog Author Dhanashekara
Dhanasekaran is a Certified Google Ads Professional with a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering. He has more than 10 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and manages SEO, SEM and PPC teams and processes for clients across the globe, with a focus on exceptional results in SEO and digital marketing. He has a passion for learning the latest digital marketing trends and algorithm updates. When he’s not online, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. You can reach out to him for partnership opportunities at: dhana@yourpracticeonline.co.in.



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