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The Top Benefits of Patient Education for Your Practice

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The Top Benefits of Patient Education for Your Practice
The Top Benefits of Patient Education for Your Practice

The Top Benefits of Patient Education for Your Practice

With patient-centered care being widely acknowledged as the core aspect of modern healthcare, a content marketing strategy that focuses on patient education is more critical for your practice today than ever before. Here are some of the top benefits of patient education for your practice.

  • Builds Patient Trust: A major part of gaining a patient’s trust in your practice is being able to communicate effectively on the various health challenges and how your services can improve their situation. Using the right patient education tools including well written content, images and patient education videos can help in this regard.
  • Facilitates Patient Empowerment: Knowledge is power. Patients can take control of their health when they have access to a wealth of information on disease symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment options literally at their fingertips that can be accessed from their personal mobile devices.
  • Enables Informed Decision Making: Well-informed and educated patients take an active role when making decisions about their healthcare. They are less likely to be confused by contradictory information on the internet and have more realistic expectations regarding the various treatment options available and the associated risks involved with each treatment.
  • Improves Patient Compliance: A patient that has been educated about the importance of treatments and the consequences of not following the doctor’s instructions is more likely to follow medication regimens, physical therapy exercises, and follow-up care suggestions as recommended by the doctor.
  • Ensures Better Patient Outcomes: According to research studies, the more clearly a disease is understood, the more likely is the patient able to cooperate with the doctor in the treatment process ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

The challenge of patient education in healthcare marketing is to find the right balance between too little information that may be easy to understand but does not adequately convey important aspects of the care provided; and too detailed information that can be hard for the layperson to digest.The latest patient educations tools and formats should be utilized to help meet this challenge.

Your Practice Online offers a variety of digital marketing solutions to help your website rank high in search engines. We build practice websites that are ADA compliant with an abundance of patient education content and videos using the latest Google guidelines.

We can help you grow practice, so you can treat more patients. Contact us at info@yourpracticeonline.net or by calling (877) 388-8569 to learn more.

Holly Edmonds, RN, LNC,
Vice President of Content Development at Your Practice Online
Holly Breen Olds
Holly has over 25 years of nursing experience and patient home healthcare. Holly spearheaded the launch of Your Practice Online in the United States and now plays a crucial role in the development and improvement of patient education content and videos. Holly has a passion for healthcare and education, while her biggest love is her family and four-legged friends. You can reach out to her for partnership opportunities at: holly@yourpracticeonline.net


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