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5 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Facebook

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5 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Facebook
5 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Facebook

5 Ways to Grow Your Practice with Facebook

On average, nearly 400 new users signed up on Facebook every minute in 20211. Another interesting fact - users in the US aged 65 or older are the fastest growing demographic. Clearly, marketing on Facebook can help expand your practice like no other social media platform can. Here are 4 ways to grow your practice with Facebook:

  1. Encourage Patients to leave Facebook Reviews: This can be done with empathy and professionalism at the end of an appointment or by printing your request on appointment cards, postoperative instruction pamphlets, on your website, or through automated emails. Facebook reviews can help build up trust and loyalty for your brand.
  2. Facebook Page Monitoring & Responses: It is very important to spot queries or concerns from interested patients. Facebook will actually give you a badge depending how quickly you respond to the patient.
  3. Facebook Boosts: This method essentially involves paying Facebook to distribute your content to more users. You can select the type of audience the content should be distributed to. Users will react and share engaging content with their friends on Facebook helping you reach more potential patients.
  4. Facebook Ads: These usually work well for elective services such as joint replacements, cosmetic surgery, or if you are offering discounts on some services (eg: flu shots) for a limited period.
  5. Maintain Separate Facebook Pages for Multiple Locations: If you practice at different locations, each location should have its own page. Facebook gives you the option to have a main page that promotes your brand and then several branching location pages with interesting content and images unique to that location. Facebook offers local search optimization that allows patients in your practice locations to connect with you easily.

Have you been thinking of marketing your practice on Facebook, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet? We provide a whole host of social media solutions to help doctors grow their practices, so they can treat more patients. Contact us at info@yourpracticeonline.net or by calling (877) 388-8569 to learn more.

Dr. Prem Lobo
Founder and Director of Your Practice Online
Dr. Prem Lobo
Dr. Prem Lobo, founder and Director of Your Practice Online, is an internet entrepreneur specializing in digital marketing for healthcare. Dr. Lobo holds a Diploma in Information Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, and a Post-Graduate degree in Geriatric Medicine from University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia. Prem resides in Silicon Valley with his wife and children, while enjoying international business travel and development alongside his family. Prem has been an advocate for physicians’ internet presence and patient education for over 19 years.


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