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Your Website May Not Be Aging Gracefully

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Your Website May Not Be Aging Gracefully
Your Website May Not Be Aging Gracefully

The internet is changing constantly. New websites are added every day, search algorithms change, and content is continuously being updated. With this in mind, it’s important to periodically monitor your website content and search results. Did you know that most websites older than 2-3 years are considered outdated? Make sure your website is not only representing you online, but also performing for you.


  • Does it work correctly? The most obvious reason to consider a change is to fix existing problems – check all navigation and links and tagging.
  • Is it mobile-friendly? Mobile websites are a ‘must’ these days. 44% of patients who research doctors on mobile devices scheduled an appointment, compared to 34% on computers! If your website is over 3 years old, confirm that it incorporates Responsive Web Design, a mobile-friendly platform to ensure your site can be searched with the most recent Google search algorithm updates.


  • Does it represent your brand? Your practice website is often a patient’s first impression of your practice. Your website should be considered an extension of your practice, and it should reinforce your brand and services.
  • Does it provide value? When visitors find value, they not only feel more comfortable and educated, they will be more engaged in your website. Improved visitor engagement leads to an improved overall website experience.
  • Does it attract the right traffic? Make sure your website is optimized for search engines. Creating a site with the content that patients are looking for and search engines can easily index is critical. Content that is optimized improves visibility and leads to more visitors.
  • Are you converting patients? Convert qualified visitors to patients by focusing on targeted patient needs and benefits. Make sure you know where your patients are coming from.

So take a close look at your website and decide if it’s doing what it should be doing for your business. If you need help upgrading your site or improving your SEO, Your Practice Online can help.

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