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What is a Browser Cache and How Does it Work?

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What is a Browser Cache and How Does it Work?
What is a Browser Cache and How Does it Work?

What is a Browser Cache and How Does it Work?

“How do I clear my browser cache?” is probably the most frequently asked question we receive when fine tuning a website design and personalizing content to suit client specifications.

Here are a few simple definitions and basic information to help you understand what a browser cache is and how it works:

Internet Browser:

An internet browser is a computer program or software application that helps you browse the World Wide Web. Some common examples of browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Browser Cache:

A browser cache is a place or a folder to store things locally on your computer hard drive, so they don’t have to be downloaded repeatedly from the internet.

Why Store Information in the Browser Cache?

Because it’s always faster and easier to access information from your local hard drive than from the internet even with today’s fast internet speeds.

How the Browser Cache Works

Every time you visit a page on a website your computer downloads certain items like the website logo, graphic images, or icons which are stored on the hard disk in the browser cache. With every subsequent time you visit the same page or other pages on the website, the computer will display these already-stored items rather than download them once again.

Why Do You Need to Clear Your Browser Cache?

Even when your website is updated with new information, your computer may still display old information taken from the browser cache. These old files may cause access and display problems. You may see badly formatted pages or incomplete pictures. Emptying the browser cache will force the computer to download fresh information from the internet. This way all cache-related problems will be sorted out so you can view the latest version of your website.

Choose your browser type in the link below to find step-by-step instructions on how to clear your browser cache: www.refreshyourcache.com.

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