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What Are Responsive Google Ads?

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What Are Responsive Google Ads?
What Are Responsive Google Ads?

What Are Responsive Google Ads?

Responsive ads are a great way to customize your online ad campaign and help deliver the relevant information to potential patients. They help your practice website rank higher on Google search listings and be seen by your target audience.

How Responsive Search Ads Work:

We create multiple headlines and description lines for your responsive search ad and Google’s Machine Learning System will be used to test out different combinations to find out which one performs the best and is the most relevant for patient search queries.

The Benefits of Responsive Search Ads:

  • Flexibility: The ads are flexible, adapting to different device widths, giving you greater room when putting out your message.
  • Saves Time and Effort: The power of Google’s Machine Learning System will be leveraged in creating relevant ads that are likely to attract patients to your medical practice.
  • Be Seen by More Patients: Multiple headlines and descriptions make it possible for your ads to match search queries more closely, allowing them to compete in a greater number of keyword auctions.
  • Get More Clicks & Conversions According to research data, responsive search ads can generate up to a 15% higher click rate as compared to your existing text ads.1

What This Means for Your Medical Practice?

For a medical practice, this can be an invaluable tool when conducting an online ad campaign. Why? Because it is difficult to pinpoint the keywords or phrases potential patients may use when describing symptoms. Do they have arm “numbness” or “tingling”? Are they having a “throbbing” or “pulsating” headache? With a Responsive Search Ad, you get to cover more bases and maximize patient outreach.

At Your Practice Online, we are dedicated to helping our clients stay abreast of the latest changes in technology, enabling the smooth delivery of medical services to their patients. Please contact us at (877) 388-8569 for more information.


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