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Do Educated Patients Have Better Outcomes?

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Do Educated Patients Have Better Outcomes?
Do Educated Patients Have Better Outcomes?

Do Educated Patients Have Better Outcomes?

Last year nearly 87% of young adults went online to search for health information, and almost all of them found information that was helpful.1 Educating patients online is a huge opportunity to engage healthcare consumers and existing patients with simple and easy-to-understand information about your medical specialties.

Patient education is a great way to engage and empower patients to actively participate in their care, which can lead to improved patient outcomes.2 As the healthcare industry continues to make a deeper technological shift, patient education is ever expanding online with video and apps. When consumers have reliable sources of health information, patients have a better understanding of their options and more actively participate in their care.

While reading about a condition online is common, videos are on trend for both consumers and search engines. Research studies suggest video is superior to traditional means of education.3 This is because the eye is attracted to movement and the brain is able to interpret visuals much faster than plain text.

A well-crafted video can grab the patient’s attention, hold it unwaveringly, and provide education in a very short time. Not surprisingly, 90% of all internet users find videos help them decide about a service.4

With videos increasing a patient’s understanding about a procedure or service, they are more likely to:

  • Have clear and realistic expectations of treatment
  • Understand the importance of following pre- and post-treatment instructions
  • Actively participate in physical therapy to enhance and speed up recovery
  • Keep follow-up appointments to evaluate their progress

This will undoubtedly improve patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes.5

Your Practice Online offers a wide variety of both videos and written content on anatomies, conditions and procedures to help educate the healthcare consumer and their loved ones. Educate your patients with our 3D animation videos of medical conditions and procedures with clear voice-over narration. Our patient education videos play on all platforms including mobile phones. Adding video and educational content to your site or app will help engage more potential patients and improve the overall patient experience for your existing patients.


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