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Are you only reaching 50% of your patients?

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Are you only reaching 50% of your patients?
Are you only reaching 50% of your patients?

Over 50% of searches are from a mobile device. If your site is not upgraded to a mobile platform, you are only reaching half of the healthcare consumers.

Today’s digital healthcare landscape is more competitive than ever. With practices competing for new patients and procedures, it is imperative that your website is optimized to the latest mobile platform. It was recently reported that at least 50% and up to 58% of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile website, it’s likely you are losing business. A mobile website helps boost your SEO, improve your placement in Google, and increase mobile conversion.

What exactly is mobile conversion? Conversion is simply the process of getting a potential customer/patient to perform a desired action. That action could be reading content on the website, clicking on a link, going to a landing page, opening an email or making an appointment (the ultimate conversion).

Marketing research has shown that conversions on mobile devices are rapidly becoming the major part of the online business. Here are a few facts that emphasize the importance of mobile conversion:

  • About one-third of online sales occurs through mobile devices. The growth of mobile commerce is much faster than traditional web marketing.
  • A user is 160% more likely to convert when a website is optimized for smart phones. A non-optimized website is going to result in user frustration and a frustrated customer is unlikely to ever return.
  • Search engines favor mobile-friendly websites in their listings.
  • Mobile viewers like to pick and choose. The website must load quickly, be easy to navigate, look great and provide a satisfying experience.
  • Skip the forms. Instant answers to their questions are what mobile users are looking for. Filling out a lengthy online form is not something that will help you with mobile conversions.
  • Click to call functionality is considered by many mobile users as the most important feature that gets them to act. More than 70% of those who click the call button are likely to do so again. Your CTA (call to action) on the smart phone should be different from a CTA on a desktop. It should stand out from the rest of your page. Make it bright and bold. It should actually look like a button. A potential patient may be trying to find your location and you may be very close to the ultimate conversion.

Analyzing the traffic on your website will give you surprising insight into viewer interaction and will provide you with valuable feedback for mobile conversion optimization.

Mobile conversions have taken over desktop conversions. Having a mobile website is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s critical to the success of your business. Let us help you upgrade to the latest platform, with a brand new look and feel. Call us to upgrade your website, and reach 100% of the patients out there.


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